Caring for our playmats isn’t difficult and because there’s enough stress in the day to day already, we’ve made it simple. Here’s our Care Guide to ensure yours is kept looking box fresh for even longer.

Flat as a Pancake

Sometimes we get a bit enthusiastic when rolling it to pack and send it to you, and the clever memory foam remembers this. We hope you have already been in touch if this was the case for you, but if not, it is really easy to get it laying totally flat.

For playmats fresh from the box, re-roll it tightly the other way overnight starting from the tricky edge, and once unrolled, it will lay how it should. For subtle, flicked up edges, we recommend flexing them in the opposite direction and scooting across them on your knees, using pressure to encourage the edge to unlearn the fold.


Rolling up the Totter + Tumble playmat


Enjoy the Support

That delicious, squidgy feeling underfoot is our luxurious foam. It won't just mould around you, but will seek to support anything on it.

Temporary pressure marks from things like knobbly knees, elbows and even play equipment like Pikler triangles, will recover and it’s for this reason we always suggest observing any lasting dents over a few days. As your playmat eases into your home, you'll find it will get quicker at recovering from pressure spots the more you use it. Do keep heavy furniture off them though, unless you are prepared for some long-lasting indentations.


Vacuum-Free Zone

It’s tempting to suck up stray crumbs with the vacuum, but we strongly advise keeping our playmats hoover-free zones. Unfortunately, heavy wheels in the body and the head in some hoovers are surprisingly vicious. They can result in friction and snag marks across the sealed surface leaving lasting damage, so be careful while hoovering around the edges as well. Instead, use a soft bristled brush to sweep muck off the playmat.


Wiping up a spill on the Totter + Tumble playmat


Make the most out of the wipedown

When it comes to surface cleaning, less is definitely more and you’ve probably got our tried and tested solutions already.

For regular cleaning, make up a simple, soapy mix from washing up liquid or hand soap with warm water. Always use a soft cloth or muslin with soft, circular motions. We know you will be anxious to speed up the process, but just like those rough rotating hoover parts can rub the surface, try not to be too vigorous when cleaning. Soft strokes always, never get into a habit of scrubbing. We know you will be busy playing, but don’t forget the flip the playmat regularly and clean under too. For an occasional deeper clean, choose a gentle, neutral, non-toxic surface spray* and then wipe and dry any excess. 

*Gentle cleaning solutions are generally those deemed safe for the skin and suitable for cleaning baby equipment like highchairs. In our own homes we use Dettol spray (the one for baby equipment), Nimble and Koh (their Universal Cleaner)

Exceptions to this list are water and baby wipes as well as cleaning sprays with natural acids including citric acid and hypochlorous acid or any alcohols. Examples may include Method cleaners, Dettol floor specific cleaners. Whilst they are gentle to skin, they can have a bleaching or cracking effect on our playmats. 


For Those OH-NO moments

Our playmats are wipedown, but they are not completely stain proof. We do suggest keeping berries, citrus fruits, tomato-based sauces, nail varnish (and remover), pens and food colourings away from the playmat altogether, as their stains can be hard to budge.

As parents ourselves, we know that it is typically the items that you least expect to stain that surprise us. Like the ice-lolly with no artificial colours that actually has a lot of turmeric instead to make it that vivid yellow, or that non-toy toy.  

If you do get a stubborn stain, our secret weapon is bicarbonate soda paste. Really easy to mix up, add three parts soda to one part water and apply on to the affected area for a few hours and then wipe off. A drop of clear vinegar can also add some oomph. It may take a couple of applications to lift marks, so don’t be tempted to try a harsh stain remover instead! 


If you need any further assistance with your Totter + Tumble playmat please come and chat to us at